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Our engineering work is another of our passions with over 20 years experience specialising in the food manufacturing sector.

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Utility Mapping & Land Surveying

We are a specialist pipe, cable, and utility locating firm that serves residential, commercial, industrial, and rural customers. Service Locate is used by surveyors, engineers, and government departments before digging into the ground because it uses electromagnetic transmitters and receivers to locate, mark, and map the location and depth of cable lines and pipes. We can survey located and exposed utilities accurately.

Non-Destructive Digging

NDD, also known as hydro excavation, uses highly pressurised water and air to blast soil or other surfaces. Because the water or air is concentrated on the target, it has no affect on the surrounding environment, subsurface assets, or tree roots, and it resembles the effect of mechanical digging. After the dirt has been loosened, it is pulled into the hydro vac storage tank together with other trash using a high-volume suction line.

The initial soil that was removed can be returned to the hole after repairs or construction is completed, reducing waste.

Vacuum excavation removes organic or inorganic materials, ranging from small particles to heavy debris, from existing holes or surfaces. Non-destructive excavation is the safest and most effective approach to expose and excavate around existing subsurface services, from pipe replacements and utility installations to the removal of street waste and demolition material. While both vacuum and hydro excavation work in the same way, excavation hydro equipment uses a water jet to break up material before sucking it up.

When excavating near underground services such as sewerage pipelines, gas, water, and communications lines, NDD is a fantastic solution. Mechanical drilling is slow because it poses a considerable risk to the environment, whereas NDD is both safe and efficient.

Non-destructive digging is a safe way for places with valuable underground assets, straightening electricity poles, and gathering soil samples with coring, in addition to potholing and excavation (while reducing risk of cross-contamination).

Why to choose and hire us?

  • We use the latest technology – Using the tried and trusted Radiodetection brand ensures that we achieve the best results for our clients every time.
  • We are Dial Before You Dig Certified Operators – We are accredited to use 1100 Dial before you Dig (DYBD) processes to determine assets buried beneath projected excavation areas
  • We are Telstra accredited – We are Telstra Accredited, and White Card certified operators
  • We are fully insured
  • Our Locators are also experienced and qualified Mechanical Engineers
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure work is completed meeting the required safety measures.​