LB Underground Service Locations & Engineering

What Is Underground Service Locating?

Underground service locating is a process utilised in any construction project – from small backyard landscaping through to large scale site prep – to identify where underground utility mains are positioned, and then marked out prior to excavations.

Breaking ground on a project without knowing what is buried under the site, can put your project and your workers at serious risk because it is common for utility lines to be buried underground. In many instances, utility maps lack the precision to support precise clearance. Having LB Underground Services professional locate these hidden cables and pipes is crucial to avoid accidents caused by outdated and inaccurate maps, especially true in long established town and cities.

In order to reduce the chance of damaging them, look no further than the most reliable pipe locators in Melbourne from LB Underground Services.

Creating new standards for expertise and ​problem solving in detection services.

Qualifications and Certifications

Our services are carried out by our Telstra accredited, and DBYD certified professionals. Our technician has successfully completed the NULCA Underground Asset Location Course of Instruction and we are a Certified Locating Organisation working to the current Australian Asset locating standards AS 5488.

What Does A Utility Locator Do?

A locator – also known as a utility locator or locating technician – is a professional who is responsible for locating, identifying and marking where underground utilities are positioned. As underground cables and pipes are manufactured using a wide variety of materials, locating these assets is undertaken using a variety of high-tech and advanced methods that may include
The latest advancement in Locating Technology. This is used for tracing utility lines and metallic pipes, giving us the greatest possible accuracy in pinpointing your underground asset.
Plastic Poly Pipes and Conduits are undetectable with EMI Equipment. Trace rods and Sondes, when inserted into unpressurised or vacant conduits, enable our Technicians to advance upon the accuracy of the EMI Equipment.

Modern water pipes are often made from non-conductive materials such as plastic, making EMI techniques redundant. Acoustic Locating is an ideal method to use in these circumstances. Using a water leak detector and pulse generator our technicians can detect domestic poly water pipes and non-conductive water mains.

Utility locators are not just limited to construction sites or large scale project, locators can help with homes, farms, council land (ie parks), footpath and road repair and construction, the list really is endless.

Ground Penetrating Radar also known as a GPR is an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) pulse-based technology that locates objects buried underground. It is used to locate underground utilities, underground storage tanks, pipes, crevices, burials, memorials, and conduits.

Why to choose and hire us?

  • We use the latest technology – Using the tried and trusted Radiodetection brand ensures that we achieve the best results for our clients every time.
  • We are Dial Before You Dig Certified Operators – We are accredited to use 1100 Dial before you Dig (DYBD) processes to determine assets buried beneath projected excavation areas.
  • Telstra accredited – We are Telstra Accredited,  White Card certified operators.
  • Rail Industry Worker Certified (Rail corridor Access, V/Line).
  • We are fully insured.
  • Our Locators are also experienced and qualified Mechanical Engineers.
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure work is completed meeting the required safety measures.
  • A comprehensive written report with pictures in PDF format is emailed to clients at the end of every job.