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Sprung a leak? High water usage?

But cannot find where? call us today to assist you, we have the latest leak detection equipment built to the highest standard with the latest technology from Germany’s best manufacturer of water leak detection equipment. FAST Gmbh.

With Hydrosmart solutions based here in Australia as a FAST Gmbh representative, we have the best support from David Macdonald and team to help us provide the best service and support to our customers.

Creating new standards for expertise and ​problem solving in detection services

Our Process of Detecting Water Leak

Household water leaks are inconvenient and potentially dangerous if left unchecked. Water damage can be caused by pipes freezing and shattering, toilets or sinks leaking, pipes bursting, and even refrigerating units leaking. Even minor leaks over time may cause water to accumulate in a house, resulting in extensive damage. A leak will most likely need to be addressed by an expert.

You don’t have to wait until a leak grows worse and causes expensive damage. The key is to discover little leaks before they become major issues. As a homeowner, you may conduct quick monthly inspections and repair small drips right away. Here are five of the most prevalent reasons for water leaks in homes so you know where to look for dangerous drops.

The first thing you need to figure out is where the water is coming from. If there’s a leak or a burst pipe, it must be fixed before restoration can begin. You should contact LB Location Engineering in Gisborne, which works with us if you need assistance determining the source of the water or repairing it. Repair the damage

The most terrible thing that can happen to you is not having your water damage repaired after significant water damage or flooding in your house. They might cause significant problems, whether it’s broken pipes, leaking devices, or more serious situations like sewage backups or flooded cellars.

The first step is to stop any leak you have or whatever the source of the problem. You must call a professional to begin taking the required water damage repair measures to repair and restore your house back to normal after a flood and prevent further water damage and dampness damage.

Water leak damage in your business may be a costly loss: it might cost you money to remediate the problem as well as disrupt — or even terminate — business operations.

Whether you’re dealing with the distraction, sending staff home for cleanup, or losing equipment and records due to water damage, your company will inevitably suffer a loss. Here are some suggestions for locating the source of water damage as well as methods to prevent it from occurring in the future.

We can assist in the following fields:

Domestic water external (gardens, mains supply pipes) Internal (showers, wall cavities, behind tiles)
Mains supply, Fire supply pipes and valves

Water valves, Mains supply or on the farm we can cater for all needs. We can also locate PVC water pipes with our own pulse wave generator.

We also specialise in servicing the housing rental industry and body corporate industry

Why to choose and hire us?

  • We use the latest technology – Using the tried and trusted Radiodetection brand ensures that we achieve the best results for our clients every time.
  • We are Dial Before You Dig Certified Operators – We are accredited to use 1100 Dial before you Dig (DYBD) processes to determine assets buried beneath projected excavation areas
  • We are Telstra accredited – We are Telstra Accredited, and White Card certified operators
  • We are fully insured
  • Our Locators are also experienced and qualified Mechanical Engineers
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure work is completed meeting the required safety measures.​