LB Underground Service Locations & Engineering

L B Underground Service Locations & Engineering provides the best underground service locating for your infrastructure project.  We utilise the most current technology and methods to offer a thorough analysis of your project’s underground services.We have the ability to detect, verify, and map any subterranean services for your project.

It’s critical to verify the correct underground utility locations before any excavation or penetration work, to ensure the safety of vital infrastructure and the people on the ground who are working closely with these services. Meticulousness must be exercised to avoid service strikes and to prevent significant financial losses for your company. We provide accurate information on service locations to our clients so that they may have a complete visualisation of their underground infrastructure.

What are pipe locators and what do they do

Before you start, hiring a professional pipe locating service provider is the most effective approach to ensure you don’t damage any utility pipes or incur significant repair costs!

Pipe and cable locators locate and trace buried metallic pipes and cables by detecting the electromagnetic field produced by an electrical current. A transmitter generates current within a target object in the “Active” locating technique, and a receiver detects that current.

In today’s world, finding pipes isn’t difficult; but you’ll need the appropriate training and tools to succeed. Because of the many different materials used in pipes, as well as the existence of numerous other underground utilities like electricity and communication lines, such as telephone cables, the usage of a basic metal detector is no longer practical.

How do you choose the appropriate pipe locator in Gisborne?

Nowadays, it is an inevitable choice made by every business owner & homeowner to find out where exactly the pipes are buried under his/her house or property. There are numerous companies that offer such services, with each one claiming to be the best. However, choosing the right one can prove challenging.

So, here are some tips for finding the right underground pipe locators services provider in Gisborne:

Ask About Their Experience

This is probably the most crucial thing to consider when hiring any pipe locator service provider in Gisborne. An experienced underground pipe locating service provider should be able to suggest a suitable solution based on the problem you are facing. 

Read Reviews

Before hiring any pipe locating services provider, it is essential to read reviews online. Reading customer testimonials posted by former clients can provide you with useful information regarding their previous experience. It will also allow you to know whether they are honest enough to share unbiased feedback to potential customers. 

Check the cost

Lastly, make sure to research the cost involved in employing a specific pipe locator. If you don't want to end up paying too much, research around so as to find the best price without sacrificing quality.


What is the reputation of the company? Are you comfortable with them? Do you feel confident in their ability to complete the job quickly? A reputable company has a proven history of providing quality services to clients without a problem. 


Does the company guarantee 100% accuracy? Will they correct mistakes or fix any problems that arise after the project has been completed?

Determine the scope of the project

When choosing the underground pipe location company, determine the scope of the project. Is it a small job or a big one? If it’s a small job, you may not need a dedicated team. Instead, you can hire a general contractor who specialises in this field. On the other hand, if the project is very big, then it's recommended to use a specialist underground pipe locating firm. The size of the project, along with the expertise of the company you've chosen, will ultimately dictate the level of specialisation required.


Check whether the underground pipe locating service providers has well trained employees. It is vital for the success rate of the underground pipe locating service to ensure that their workers have undergone training. Make sure to check whether they are Dial Before You Dig certified.

 What are the benefits of using a pipe locator in Gisborne?

There are several benefits to hiring an underground pipe locating company. They allow you to do excavation in a safer manner by knowing exactly where to dig. This saves time and money on excavation costs. It also helps contractors minimise accidents since they can avoid hitting pipes that may be located underneath walls or buildings. This would cause them to waste their time digging up walls instead of working on the foundation.

The main benefit is that they provide accurate information about each pipeline location. So, you won’t need to worry about damaging pipes in your home or business.

The most important aspect of any business is timely delivery. To meet this requirement, underground pipe locating service providers maintain strict timings in order to ensure efficient completion of projects within the stipulated time frame.

100% Safe and Secure: All the operations are carried out under strict supervision to ensure safety. Furthermore, they also ensure that the location of underground pipes are mapped correctly.

  • It will give you the opportunity to discover any existing defects.
  • Less costly than digging up the whole pipe network
  • No damage to the surrounding environment
  • Accurate mapping of pipelines

A professional underground pipe locating company has the tools and technology to locate underground pipes quickly and effectively. So, if you’re searching for an underground pipe locator in Gisborne, contact us now. We provide low-cost services with high quality.