LB Underground Service Locations & Engineering

This is a common question and to best answer that,  its pretty much how long is a piece of string? It all depends on what it  is being located, the distance, complexity etc. for an example a standard house on a standard block locating all services we like to allocate 1 hour.

No we don’t need to modify any services to locate them

We will travel all over Victoria, this will obviously occur extra cost and require some planning with some notice.

Yes we are available after hours at an additional cost.

Yes we can locate PVC water pipes with our Acoustic listening device and our own designed and built Pulse Wave Generator.

Yes we can locate water leaks inside a house

There is truth to this and there are many factors that contribute to this fact, they can be from incorrect installations.

Bad soil conditions, damage to services. But there can be ways around this at times that will involve potholing by hand.

Our technicians are DBYD certified, we are a Certified Locating Organisation. We have the latest and up to date equipment that is calibrated and all of our technicians are checked for competency.

Our Technicians also have tickets for the rail corridor (v/line), construction white card

Yes we are more than happy to accommodate this request.