LB Underground Service Locations & Engineering

Looking for underground pipe locating services in Great Ocean Road? LB Underground Service Locations & Engineering provides professional underground pipe locating services in your area. We use the latest pipe locating devices to find any and all buried pipes quickly and easily. We can assist you with locating underground water main pipes, stormwater drainage pipes, electrical cables, gas piping, water leaks and sewerage pipes.

What are pipe locators and what do they do

A pipe locator is a useful tool that companies employ to detect pipes and cables beneath the ground. Pipe locators come in many different varieties.

A pipe locator consists of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The signal is transmitted by the transmitter, which must travel throughout the line in some manner. Non-conductive pipes and cables may have a “tracer wire” that’s buried alongside the utility line, but you can also use a metallic linear device. The transmitter is what sends an electric signal into whatever underground pipe or cable is available.

The signal is then detected using the receiver, after which it’s used to identify the connection to the pipe. There are a few various ways of locating pipes. Direct connection or conduction is one option. This can be done by inserting the connection into a transmitter output jack. Then an alligator clamp is used to connect directly to the target line.

A ring clamp is used instead of the utility line is plastic. Passive radio power, a different approach that employs a sweeping method to collect signals from underground lines, is also one of them.

A sounding line is inserted into the pipe using sound. Then the transmitter is used to obtain a more precise signal. When the passive radio power isn’t sufficient to receive any signal from the pipe, these methods are generally utilised.

How do you choose the right pipe locator in Ocean Road?

When it comes to locating underground pipes in Great Ocean Road nothing is more important than having dependable equipment. The intended use is equally as crucial; the finest pipe locator for one application may not be the best option for every situation.

When hiring a pipe locator, be sure you go with someone who has adequate expertise and understanding. An expert LB Location Engineering will give a comprehensive view of the project’s site by locating, identifying, and marking all underground pipes and structures.

Choose LB Location Engineering in Great Ocean Road for expert pipe locating services if you need help finding pipes. Our team of experts is trained and experienced in locating power lines to garages and outdoor structures, electrical cables for lighting, drainage pipes for gardens and gutters, sprinkler lines and invisible fencing, and gas lines for grills and fire pits.

Equipment and Technology

Choose a business that is using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques to ensure high-quality, accurate, and dependable work. Every utility company is racing against time to install sophisticated electronic equipment and use technology-aided pipe locating methods as technology advances every day. The above-mentioned instrumentation aids in the fast and precise interpretation of signals and provides the most detailed underground mapping services, allowing you to locate pipe concerns as soon as possible. Underground mapping can range from a construction site to the entire city, even locating utility lines that run beneath highways and structures.


Look for a business with a wide geographical presence and the ability to deliver services to almost any location. Such a firm is better positioned to handle any of your project's site locations since they are locally based.

What are the benefits of using a pipe locator in Great Ocean Road?

Underground pipe locators are essential equipment for any dig and excavation project, whether it’s a building project that needs to mark the underground utility lines and wires or one that has to lay new utility lines and cables. The locator tools are critical to ensure that the construction or installation is safe.

Locators can also identify active and inactive utilities and cables, as well as the distinction between them (unused lines have little danger of accidents but may conflict with your project, therefore you need to know about them too. However, to be able to accurately locate underground wires, you’ll need more than a device; that’s why expert technicians.